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Chuck Geshlider OK w/Zoophilia

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In the immortal words of Zack Bass, circa ’04: “I don’t get you people…. we can kill and eat chickens, but you want to put an individual in jail for fuckiing one, first!!!”


“Zack Bass” is Lawrence Edward Pendarvis, d/o/b: 10/27/1942 of Brandon, Florida.


Zack Bass, Bobby Yates Emory and others tried to take over Loving County, Texas for their sadistic “Non-Aggression Principle”-backing antics. The sheriff – rightly, wrongly or indifferently – put a stop to it:



Similarities between Zack Bass & Chuck Geshlider

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Notable Similarities Between Chuck Geshlider & Zack Bass

1) Both use aliases online: Chuck (Louis Charles); Larry (Zack Bass)
2) Both were instrumental in the Grafton, New Hampshire “takeover” that turned almost-violent when the townsfolk got word of what Chuck/Larry were planning to do;
3) Both have not lasted long in cities or counties in which they attempted “takeovers.”
4) Both have highly questionable backgrounds and resumes. The Internet is filled with examples of both;
5) Both are lightning rods of controversy when linked in public, private or online
6) Both have been rejected for membership in political parties and organizations
7) Both have a fixation on child consent laws/cannibalism/no zoning regulations/gambling debates
8) Both attempt to want to quash “infiltrators” in the Libertarian Party, when Chuck has admitted to knowing several people working to pay off their debts by sabatoging the LP
9) Both are systematically rejected in any role or county in which political activities are prosperous

Cannibalism. Incest. Sex w/Animals. Chuck Geshlider & Zack Bass…

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The horrible experiences in Grafton, New Hampshire several years ago are timely once again, as the Liberty Districts USA group that Chuck Geshlider runs still pegs a “take-over” of Grafton.

However, the truth about his relationship and affiliation with another “Grafton Gang” member should not be silenced either:

Source: Message 252 from

From: “Zack Bass”
Date: Wed Jun 30, 2004 2:53 pm
Subject: Re: Meeting Questions

— In, Curtis Cloughwrote:

> 15. What would you do if we were to approve zoning in
> the next election? Would you tell your followers to
> not bother moving here? ( We would vote it down, of
>course. We are against zoning.)

As far as I am concerned, and many others, there is no reason to move to a Town that has Zoning.

I suggest this as a Referendum on the Free Town Project: Somebody ought to get a petition for a Warrant Article to enact Zoning at the next election. You pass it, we are not wanted and we stay away; you reject it, we take that as an invitation.

What “They” wioll do is tell you that Zoning won’t make any difference, because ALL Lots will be Zoned General or Agricultural/Residential/Commercial. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT LIE! I have correspondence from a Unity Selectman that describes the horrors of even that minimal Zoning. Yes, “Non-Conforming” structures are “Grandfathered” in, but as soon as you want to put in a different shape of window, or add a room, you have to move your “Non-Conforming” house 8 more feet from the Highway or beg for a Variance! It has happened to Unity!!!!! You get a Zoning Board in there and you’ll be asking permission to wipe your ass. You just watch.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg:

Why does Chuck always link up to the FreeTownProject forums? Hmm, he’s obviously a member. He’s obviously used to posting things to and fro, back and forth, etc.

Now, one has to wonder who would ever link up with a guy like Zack Bass, or as he is widely known as: Larry Pendarvis — with a record like the one mentioned above.

Ladies and gentlemen, the very team of Chuck Geshlider and Zack Bass exist not to promote liberty, but to make it easily accessible for the above-mentioned platform planks to get pushed forward.

How sick. This whole time Chuck has been linked at the hip with Zack Bass, who also uses an alias as does Chuck (Louis Charles.)

The answer lies in one man: Larry Pendarvis, alias Zack Bass, an internet consultant from Florida. Pendarvis is no pillar of society by any stretch of the imagination. A Florida court convicted him of more than 100 counts worth of child pornography charges, then threw out the charges on appeal. By his own admission, he has practiced polygamy in his past, and he currently runs an internet mail-order bride business, shipping women from the Philippines throughout the world. The militant and outspoken Pendarvis also maintains a personal website for the Free Town Project,, wherein he describes his aims for the town of Grafton: “The Free Town Project intends to liberate either a New Hampshire Town, or a Western County, by moving in enough Libertarians to control the local Government and remove oppressive Regulations (such as Planning & Zoning, and Building Code requirements) and stop enforcement of Laws prohibiting Victimless Acts among Consenting Adults, such as Dueling, Gambling, Incest, Cannibalism, and Drug Handling.� The website also delineates his goals for the decriminalization of “Truancy…Stem Cell Research, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Obscenity, Organ Trafficking, BumFights, and other Victimless ‘Crimes’,� goals which understandably riled native Graftonites.

Just doing a search on the Free State Project Forum will give readers all of the ammo they need to decipher and expose this Bass/Geshlider Connection.

They are the reason things in Grafton went to hell. Those two completely destroyed everything. That wasn’t an accident. That was their purpose.

Geshlider Had $15,000 to Play With. Where’d it Go?

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Back in the Grafton, New Hampshire debacle (that’s just the nice word for it), Chuck Geshlider’s handlers paid him $15,000 to secure some property and other Free Town Project-like things. What happened to it?

inding the Free Town in the Free State

By Tim Condon • 2/18/04

Free State Project Porcupines all support Jason Sorens’ excellent idea: Why not geographically concentrate the (relatively) small number of liberty-lovers in the United States, and gain freedom through the power of the vote? It’s a great idea, offered at the right time, and is coming to fruition, with the migration already beginning.

But wait! If it’s a neat idea to gain political power through choosing a single low-population state for liberty-lovers to call home…why not pick a low-population town in that same state where Porcupines can congregate? Call it an “early demonstration project.” An informal group within the FSP agree: It’s another great idea, and one that will make for another excellent adventure. Now, after months of debate, research, and two exploratory trips to New Hampshire, the Free Town has been announced. (NOTE: The “Free Town Project” is an informal group of renegade Porcupines ; ). We don’t have any “official” connection with the Free State Project, Inc. other that being members, nor does the Free State Project officially endorse us or our group.)

Preliminary research took the form of searching New Hampshire to find small-population towns without zoning. The lack of zoning was considered to be a crucial attribute, second only to low population itself. Why? Because zoning might be used as a statist weapon by existing local political powers to block any large-scale immigration of Porcupines into the town. In addition, the existence of zoning suggests a “busybody-friendly atmosphere” among the current populace. We wanted no part of any such place.

The initial list had 21 towns without zoning, with populations ranging from 86 in Ellsworth to 4,196 in Haverhill. Other variables were introduced and debated online. Additional subjects included the following, all of which were discussed and argued at great length:

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