‘I Felt Defiled Just in His [Chuck Geshlider’s] Presence.’

“I felt defiled just in his [Chuck Geshlider’s] presence.”
— Christine Bottles, Virginia resident

“…But i felt uneasy every time he was around me.”


5 Responses to “‘I Felt Defiled Just in His [Chuck Geshlider’s] Presence.’”

  1. Mrs Oliver Cromwell Says:

    Once again how weak are you people? Perhaps IF Ms Christine was a woman worthy of respect and of a pure heart , soul and physical being she would not have felt so defiled.

  2. Superwoman Says:

    I agree with Mrs Cromwell. Having experienced the gentleness and Christ like ways of Mr Geshlider. He’s a lover with a slow hand and an easy touch. But then, what would I know about the defiled feeling, being a Christian Lady and bringing the most awesome Holy Spirit into situations of intimacy Satan always flees!

  3. Getting it right Says:

    On the contrary, it is those who are pure and worthy of respect who feel defiled when sexual remarks or actions are made in their presence. Those who can participate in sexual activities with someone other than a spouse or tolerate sexual jokes and remarks in their presence without feeling defiled can only do so because their conscience has been seared to a degree; it is most assuredly not the Jesus of the Bible or the Holy Spirit who is driving away the defiled feeling. It is Satan who drives away the feelings of guilt and allows the participants to fall deeper into sexual activities. Remember, Satan appears as an angel of light.

  4. If this is the same Chuck Geshlider, he was once a fun loving friendly teenager..I knew him in high school. So sad to hear about what’s happened to him.

  5. Paul Berning Says:

    Oh, he is friendly! Especially if he can use you for anything. He has a way of taking advantage of kind hearted Christian women. I believe they call him a PROFESSIONAL USER.

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