Constitution Party of Florida Tipped About Chuck Geshlider

From the CP of Florida:

“Louis Charles” already attempted to infiltrate and single-handedly “take over” the Florida CP, thanks to an unwitting Ron Paul Clearwater meetup member. It took us a day to figure out he was really Chuckie Geshlider, investigate his background and distance ourselves.

Clell Drumheller followed-up with a warning soon after.

C. Burt Linthicum, CPA
Constitution Party of Florida


4 Responses to “Constitution Party of Florida Tipped About Chuck Geshlider”

  1. Talent Scout Says:

    You say he attempted to SINGLE-HANDEDLY take over the Constitution Party of Florida from over 2000 miles away without ever leaving Texas?! NOW THAT IS SOME TALENT!!! Maybe we need talent like that in the CP!

  2. someone who really knows more Says:

    Oh this man has talent! Just ask me!!

  3. someone who really knows more Says:

    It seems too many are fearful of Louis Charles.. perhaps it is because you know he is capable of doing great things?!

  4. Just another acquaitance! Says:

    My name is Paul Berning, and I wish to comment on my recent “experience” with Charles “Chuck” Geshlider. I met Chuck, or “Louis Charles” on line when I became interested in the idea of Liberty Districts. Mr. Geshlider has a discussion group on Yahoo called “Liberty Districts USA”. I am already a member of another discussion group about Liberty Districts, and I found his group while doing an Internet search on this subject.
    After exchanging numerous e-mails and talking to him on the phone from Atlanta, GA where I have been living for 25 years, he invited me to come out to West Texas to work with him in the formation of a liberty district out there. At the time I was completely unaware of his being escorted out of Ellis County over a year earlier. He stated that he had several new employees coming on board, and that he also needed to set up a web site, which he claimed that he did not know how to do. I only recently found out that he already has a web site, a fact that he carefully hid from me. So, I negotiated a starting salary via e-mail to become his webmaster, IT director (I have been a computer/IT professional since the late 1980′s) and his assistant marketing director. He said he also needed me to do some custom ad layouts for him using Adobe Illustrator. My starting salary was to be $500.00 a week, which I would like to point out is a very low salary for an IT director (A similar position in the Atlanta job market would pay at least $1,000.00 per week). But I was very interested in the liberty districts concept and am a written contributor in the “patriot movement” and the “secession movement” due to being very much disillusioned with the state of the USA and its tattered economy. Reasoning that I had an opportunity to make a real difference in the American political landscape, I agreed to relocate from Atlanta to go to work for this man. I asked about bringing my computer, an Intel server, with me to use on the job. Chuck said he already had a computer that I could use. He also said I could have the use of a vehicle, a 1995 Toyota 4-Runner. Chuck told me that this vehicle needed a clutch, but that if I agreed to fix the Toyota at my expense, plus buy insurance and tags, that I could have the title. Before leaving Atlanta, I had been living down in town and did not own a car, using public transportation to get around. So, the idea of getting a company car, even if it was a used car, was very appealing. He also said I could have a place to stay rent-free to help me get re-established in Odessa/Midland. Although I had everything in writing, and had printed his e-mails to keep for myself as proof of our “agreement”, I had no idea of what I was in for or how badly I was being decieved.
    When I arrived, he showed up with a lady who lived several miles from him, and he was riding in her Dodge truck. On the way to his residence, he said he needed to stop at the grocery store, so I went in with him to pick up a few supplies of my own. When Chuck and I got to the cash register, he insisted that I pay for both of our grocery bills. When I balked at the idea, he made a big scene to the point where I felt like everyone in the whole store was staring at the two of us. To save myself any further embarassment, I went ahead and paid for both sets of groceries. That was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
    When we got to his residence, I was appalled. He was living in a plywood shack built on a concrete slab measuring about 24′x48′. Even the siding on the outside was made out of particle board. It was about 21 miles outside of Odessa, Texas in the middle of the desert. The roof leaked, and the drywall had become soft and moist. There was black mold growing on the walls. It was thoroughly ridiculous, not to mention being a serious health hazard. In another time and place, this could have been funny to a third party observer, but to me this wasn’t funny at all. I knew right then and there that I was in serious trouble. I wanted to leave, but it would have taken over half of my remaining meager finances to turn around and go back to Atlanta because I had been unemployed for about a month before taking my “new job” with Chuck Geshlider. So, I resolved to try to make the best out of a bad situation. Instead, things got much worse very soon after.
    It turned out that Chuck had no bank account, or at least that’s what he told me. The computer that he “gave” me to use turned out to be an old Gateway e-machine with insufficient RAM memory or hard disk space to run the Adobe Illustrator program that I was supposed to be working with in order to be his “assistant marketing director” and his “webmaster”. As for being his “IT Director”, the employees whose network I was supposed to be setting up turned out to be nonexistent. My “company car” wasn’t a 1995 Toyota, it was a 1985 model with well over 200,000 miles on it and it had a flat tire. Instead of having a burned-out clutch, the entire assembly was missing from the vehicle, and it had expired New Hampshire tags on it. Chuck has a 1985 Chevy pickup with expired Nevada tags on it. He has no insurance and an expired driver’s license. There is only one way that Chuck would have vehicles he refuses to register, and a driver’s license that he refuses to renew. He has got to be wanted by the police in some jurisdiction somewhere. You get my point.
    So, for the next three and a half weeks I was stuck in the middle of the desert with Chuck. When we ran out of food, it was either ride into town with his reluctant neighbor to buy more food, or starve. Had I not had a little extra money saved back in Atlanta and a debit card, starve is exactly what we both would have done. Living there with Chuck under those conditions was like a jail sentence for a crime I had not committed. I am a non-religious born-again Christian with no denomininational affiliation (I’m rather disenchanted with organized religion, but that’s another topic). So, you can best believe that I started praying like there was no tomorrow for a way out of my situation. By the time three weeks had expired, things between me and Chuck had deteriorated a great deal. By the end of my time there, there was an extreme sense of urgency because I felt like I was in imminent danger. Chuck had become increasingly irrational, paranoid, and delusional. At one point, he challenged me to a fistfight, stating that if I lost I would be stuck there forever. I walked right up to him and said, “I won’t fight you Chuck. It’s not what Christ would do.” He seemed dumbfounded by my response and could not answer me, but I knew that if I had fought him and won, he would have called the cops on me and had me charged with assault, and I wouldn’t take the bait. That made him even more angry, so next day he got a shotgun out from behind the couch he sleeps on and said, “I can shoot you in your sleep anytime I want”. He also made other threatening statements such as “You’re all mine, so don’t try and leave”, and “I own you, so you’re stuck here”.
    At the beginning of the 4th week, my prayers were answered. A local preacher, Joel Madden with New Life Ministries of Odessa, came by, apparently at Chuck’s invitation. I took him aside and quickly explained the situation to him. I then asked him to take me out of there, which he did. From there, I was able to work a series of unskilled temporary jobs, and also act as a fill-in at a local church whose piano player had broken her arm. Between the money I saved from these short-term jobs, as well as a few hundred dollars I received from the church for my God-given musical abilities, I was able to save enough money to make my way back to Atlanta. I have learned a hard lesson from this experience, but I have learned it well.
    Chuck Geshlider is indeed an extremely dangerous person. He is a wildly unbalanced psychopath, paranoid beyond all reason, and a pathological liar. He also has apparently violent tendencies, which I nearly learned about the hard way. I am grateful that there are some good people in West Texas who could see that I was in a very dangerous situation and saw fit to help me get out of it. I have since filed a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission for back wages, plus my relocation expenses from Atlanta to Texas. The Texas Workforce Commission has given Chuck until November 9th, 2008 to pay my claim of $2,790.00. If he doesn’t pay it, and I doubt that he will, they will put a lien on his 45 acres outside of Odessa until he does, and with interest accruing daily. I haven’t spoken with an attorney yet about this matter, and now that I’m back in Atlanta I don’t know if I will or not due to the time and distances involved. I don’t want his computer and the Toyota that he promised me for obvious reasons. What I am demanding is some justice. Eventually I’m sure I’ll get it. In the meantime, please print a copy of this letter and show it to the local sheriff, especially if it’s the same one who escorted Chuck Geshlider out of town in 2007. I’m sure he or she will be quite interested in learning of Mr. Geshlider’s behavior.

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