Another Lawyer Tired of Chuck Geshlider’s Ranting…

A municipal judge from Ellis County, Texas had this to say to Chuck Geshlider on the Yahoo Group:

You might be better served by saving your rhetoric for your court date. Personally I am tired of your irrational ranting and raving on issues that could easily be construed as a threat to our government. As a Patriot I believe it my duty to report threats national security, perceived or otherwise.

I beleive it might be in everyones best interest if I forward your emails for review by someone who will make the determination whether your free speech extends to threats of lynching; civil war; the forming of militias; anti semite hate speech; and so on.

You no longer live in my county and therefore you are nothing more than a bothersome gnat at a picnic. I will not waste my time debating an irrational manic who obviously needs his medication adjusted.

Good luck living out there in the shack in the desert. By the way, jury nullification is a direct threat to the judicial system and denies one party their Constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial….Mr. Constitutionalist..what about fair trials, and how are they fair if the jury refuses to acknowledge the law and fact?

You should consider this a formal demand to cease and desist all further contact with me personally. Any further emails will be considered harassment. Please keep your ideals, and your friends out of our county. We most certainly don’t need your help in any regard.

As far as John goes…I am willing to discuss anything with him at any time, with or without an audience. It appears from his website and biography that he has been involved in political movements for quite some time. It might might make an interesting point-counterpoint for the radio.

Until then…same old sign off…KMA


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