Reader Response to Chuck Geshlider No. 4…

From Bob Lidral: A high IQ is not inconsistent with irrationality or poor, even nonexistent, people skills. For examples, consider Richard Stallman (of the Free Software Foundation) or, to a lesser extent, Michael Dukakis — or you can just watch “The Big Bang Theory”.

I had been a lurker for a long time in his group and finally terminated my membership after one of his recent vitriolic diatribes. He claimed a desire to create a group where people could discuss ideas in a hospitable environment — then he claimed he’d do whatever necessary to ensure that, even if it drove everyone else out of his group. That was just too absurd a non sequitur for me to remain.

It may be possible to rehabilitate him. But the resource cost of that effort may better be applied to making real progress independent of him. From what I’ve read of his postings, he does more harm that good and drains more resources than his alleged support may contribute.

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