Reader Response on Chuck Geshlider No. 3…

When I was working to create Ron Paul Friends one of the biggest detractors was a guy named Luis Charles. He was constantly beating the idea to death. Then out of the blue he contacted my partner and talked his way into becoming the SW leader of operations. That only lasted a few days of his ranting and then he was terminated. That behavior is too calculating to be accidental.
He turned out to be another guy that I had experience with over at the Liberty District site, that pissed on any good idea named Geshslider or something like that. They are one and the same people. In life you have to put up with disruption from well meaning people that are not on point but Chucky seems to be too creative in his disruptions for this to be the case.
He also has the habit of getting into threads and changing the subject and splitting the conversation into several different threads. Even with instructions he could not follow “keep the thread subject consistent”.

Kamron K.

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