Chuck Geshlider = Evicted & Kicked-Out

Geshlider was kicked out of dozens of Groups, including the Ron Paul/Dallas one. He’s also been evicted from numerous homes and properties because of his antics and destructive behavior:

1. proliberty100 Says:
August 29th, 2007 at 6:55 am LC joined our meetup group and when he did, I left and could no longer participate because of his obnoxious crap. Then he joined most of our SC [South Carolina] Ron Paul forums and I’m leaving those too. His posts are filled with flirts (which even though I’m a man, that still bothers me because many of the women on the forum are married), insults, long, incoherent, disconnected, miscellaneous ramblings about who knows what, arrogant diatribes about everyone’s lack of spine or other body parts. Basically, as long as he’s involved… many people will be scared off.

Back in 2000…

An alleged threat to a woman in Riverside, California:
Chuck is insane, pure and simple. Back in 2000, he pushed his way into our LP group in Riverside, California and caused untold havoc. Yes. The man had some good ideas, but his methods and means of communicating were beyond the pale. He even threatened to beat up an older woman in a restaurant parking lot after a meeting. The woman just happened to be our county Registrar of Voters.

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