Chuck Geshlider Attempted ‘Take-over’ of Texas CP

Constitution Party fends off activist’s ‘misrepresentation,’ attempted ‘takeover’

November 6th, 2008
The Ellis County Press

ELLIS COUNTY – The state Constitution Party is fending off a West Texas activist’s claims that he represents the party and has plans to help in Waxahachie-area elections, statements party officials have publicly denounced as a “misrepresentation.”

The CP’s Ellis County chapter, with about 20 members under the leadership of Palmer’s Bill Horning, recently welcomed former Young Republicans chairman Bobby Copeland, but the chapter, like its state party, is publicly distancing itself from Charles “Chuck” Geshlider, who has a past work history in Ellis County political campaigns.

Geshlider, who goes by the alias “Louis Charles” in an internet discussion groups, has
no standing with CP Texas, nor is he a member, according to state party officials.
“And for the record, I am only helping the CP as a dedicated member with time and serious donations, along with electoral wisdom/strategy from winning experiences [emphasis his] (including the precise knowledge of how to get a bona-fied candidate past a votescam attempt),” Geshlider stated in a posting on the discussion list.

“I am giving the CP my life for the next two years (at least).”
However, in repeated messages, Geshlider has said he remains a “lifetime member” of the party.

Officials with the CP Texas chapter report no such membership exists for the party.
Upon reading the CP Texas rebuttal to the membership, Geshlider went on a cursing tirade (see e-mails below).
Geshlider has even accused this writer of being a “bi-sexual child-sex predator” while cursing this editor’s “Internet hearsay.” Aside from his efforts to help relocate liberty-minded taxpayers to Ellis County in hopes of launching a “Liberty District,” a so-called project started several years ago by former members of the Free State Project, Geshlider monitors several Yahoo discussion groups, and has targeted several Ellis County candidates over gun rights, including Republican sheriff candidate Johnny Brown.

Before Copeland’s attendance at a CP-Ellis County meeting last week, organizer Bill Horning issued this statement about Geshlider’s alleged role in “taking over” the party.

Monday, Oct. 20
From: CP Ellis County chairman Bill Horning
For the information of members of this site, with all the rumors flying around, Bobby Copeland is not a member of the Constitution Party and has no position within the party. It appears he may be taking his orders from Chuck Geshlider and trying to infiltrate the Constitution Party for either Chuck’s or his own purposes. He doesn’t realize Chuck (the Mouth-of-the- Outland) almost destroys every group he pretends to work with, has been kicked off a number of [Web sites] for disruptive activities. Anyone tied in with Chuck will never go anywhere in the Constitution Party in Ellis County. Chuck is mostly hot air with occasional good [ideas]. All he does is email and stir things up all day long. He has nothing else to do. Does nothing, talks a lot. Most of what he suggests is unreasonable with the current political situation we are facing. That is why Chuck never gets anywhere. I think that is his plan – failure. If Bobby wants to join and work in the party, he is welcome, but not as an agent of Chuck. If he does some good things, he could become Chairman in the future.

Bill Horning, Organizer
Ellis County Constitution Party

Monday, Oct. 20
From: Louis Charles
[sic] “Anyway, I am here in Ector Co. working to build our party here……. As some of you know, I really stepped up my battleMode since I heard about Codex Alimentarius…. which is also why I enjoy this group. WebmasterMcLean discusses food alternatives often. And with Bobby actually going to do something (unlike the compromised old man Horning) to procure victory all over the place in Ellis Co.. I will really laugh when, as [Old Man Horning] suggests regarding me: ‘Most of what he suggests is unreasonable with the current political situation we are facing’ comes crashing down on his wrinkled little head.”
The Libertarian Party of Nevada, after several e-mail exchanges with Geshlider, issued this warning to CP Texas officials:
“[By the way] he is planning a ‘takeover’ or organizational convention, I don’t how you guys do it, of the CP affiliate in his county (Ellis or Ector not exactly sure),” the LPNV stated. “He says a Bobby Joe Copeland will be heading that effort and while I’m 99 percent sure it’s just more grandiose talk, I thought you should be warned.”

From: LCharles14
Wendesday, Oct. 22, 2008
FORNICATE YOURSELF, [CP Texas Vice Chairman Daniel New] in no uncertain terms….too, Dauben, with your endless internet hearsay public lynching activity. WHERE IS THAT WORMY, BABY-MURDER-ASSISTING LOUT, [former CP Texas chairman] BRYAN MALATESTA? Mr. New wasn’t even at the meeting where my membership was solicited by Bryan and my offering tendered and received in front of the whole assembly!!!! WHO THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS HE TO MAKE SUCH STATEMENT?

THIS CRAP IS GOING TO COME TO A GRINDING HALT, you limp-wristed den of fa**ots. This party is too important to leave to these False Oppostion infiltrators WHO HAVEN’T A CLUE HOW TO WIN ANYTHING IN POLITICS, doing EVERYTHING they can to purposefully stop it’s progress!

Have fun dealing with this element there, Bobby Joe. You are on your own. I’m staying here in Ector Co. Once this membership issue is cleared up, I am going to dedicate my life to building this party up in my county to the point where this local membership will eclipse the whole ‘rest of the state’s.

I am frying mad now! Dauben first, Malatesta next. baddaBingBaddaBOOM.

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