Chuck Geshlider Admits He’s Louis Charles (


From: Louis Charles ( Sent: Mon 10/27/08 4:45 PM

[Spoken in Context – SIC] “…you stupid ass. YOU ACT AS IF I AM ATTEMTPING TO REMAIN SOME SORT OF MYSTERY AND SECRET. I put my phone number all over the place, 214-230-2187 and welcome people to call. (or I will call them). I am always willing to discuss ANYTHING WITH ANYONE — no sacred cows! My Liberty District — USA group now requires that y’all get to know me first hand so this sort of propaganda hit-piece becomes self-evidently moronic. People have been invited to my property — many have come to visit… (Cont’d here…)

Louis Charles is Chuck Geshlider.

Chuck Geshlider is Louis Charles.

The purpose of this page in particular is to provide for a global portal to those searching and stumbling around on information about the infamous Chuck Geshlider. He’s rumored to be a plant, an infiltrator, or worse, deceptive. Whatever your views, whatever your dealings with him, 99 percent of the time, business or political activities with him is a no-win situation.

We’ve designed this basic Web site to protect others from the mistakes we made in trusting, hiring and working with Chuck Geshlider.

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