Granny Warrior Slams Chuck Geshlider (aka Louis Charles)

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I have had some dealings with Louis Charles AKA many other email names etc.. He is a total fruit cake.  He offered to fund the Granny warriors and wanted us to come to his “RANCH” to stay while we were in Texas.. Well folks he lives in a dump with no land, rents I believe, certainly had no place for a 34 foot RV to park plus is prone to ranting and raving like a lunatic over some really obnoxious topics.
When you see his name just back off of whatever he is promoting.   I blocked his emails so I didn’t have to see them anylonger.  In 4 years he has done nothing but cause problems in every group he invades.

Chuck Geshlider OK w/Zoophilia

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In the immortal words of Zack Bass, circa ’04: “I don’t get you people…. we can kill and eat chickens, but you want to put an individual in jail for fuckiing one, first!!!”


“Zack Bass” is Lawrence Edward Pendarvis, d/o/b: 10/27/1942 of Brandon, Florida.


Zack Bass, Bobby Yates Emory and others tried to take over Loving County, Texas for their sadistic “Non-Aggression Principle”-backing antics. The sheriff – rightly, wrongly or indifferently – put a stop to it:


Chuck Geshlider’s Sick Mouth

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Another Lawyer Responds to Geshlider

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first of chuck, or whatever name you are using today…I have received a little information on your background from a couple of sources and it appears that you might be a lacking a little in the stability area…and the credibility area…and the ability to filter that which is in your brain to what comes out of your mouth area…so please dont cc me on any of your emails. Feel free however to rant and rave in a nonsensical fashion about obscure ideals and mischaracterizations of law as you have been doing for some time…just dont cc me on it.

secondly last time I checked it didn’t bode well when a northern carpetbagger tried to claim himself as a Texan or used the term..”our beloved Texas State”..its not your state, never will be. I really don’t believe that Texas needs your or your groups assistance, but again, that is just me…someone born and raised in Texas…third generation as a matter of fact. It is my understanding that you are in West Texas now…just keep moving…keep moving…I hear New Mexico, Arizona, and California are full of those “New World Order, One World Government socialist/fascist False Opposition trainees” you are looking for…perhaps you can find them on your next snipe hunt in West Texas.

I doubt very seriously that any claim you could ever make, or complaint you could ever file, would see the inside of a courtroom, except on the day it was tossed out as frivolous. You really didn’t make many friends here Chuck and I am sure that there is a trail of deception thousands of miles, and many people, long leading from wherever it was you truly came from to wherever it might be that you wind up.

and when and if you get your little tin badge why dont you let me know so I can meet you and a few of your close associates and we can see how well that arrest power is going to work out for ya…seriously…leave the normal people alone…we don’t mess with those of your “ilk” and you don’t play well with others…please remove my email from your list.


Constitution Party of Florida Tipped About Chuck Geshlider

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From the CP of Florida:

“Louis Charles” already attempted to infiltrate and single-handedly “take over” the Florida CP, thanks to an unwitting Ron Paul Clearwater meetup member. It took us a day to figure out he was really Chuckie Geshlider, investigate his background and distance ourselves.

Clell Drumheller followed-up with a warning soon after.

C. Burt Linthicum, CPA
Constitution Party of Florida

Another Lawyer Tired of Chuck Geshlider’s Ranting…

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A municipal judge from Ellis County, Texas had this to say to Chuck Geshlider on the Yahoo Group:

You might be better served by saving your rhetoric for your court date. Personally I am tired of your irrational ranting and raving on issues that could easily be construed as a threat to our government. As a Patriot I believe it my duty to report threats national security, perceived or otherwise.

I beleive it might be in everyones best interest if I forward your emails for review by someone who will make the determination whether your free speech extends to threats of lynching; civil war; the forming of militias; anti semite hate speech; and so on.

You no longer live in my county and therefore you are nothing more than a bothersome gnat at a picnic. I will not waste my time debating an irrational manic who obviously needs his medication adjusted.

Good luck living out there in the shack in the desert. By the way, jury nullification is a direct threat to the judicial system and denies one party their Constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial….Mr. Constitutionalist..what about fair trials, and how are they fair if the jury refuses to acknowledge the law and fact?

You should consider this a formal demand to cease and desist all further contact with me personally. Any further emails will be considered harassment. Please keep your ideals, and your friends out of our county. We most certainly don’t need your help in any regard.

As far as John goes…I am willing to discuss anything with him at any time, with or without an audience. It appears from his website and biography that he has been involved in political movements for quite some time. It might might make an interesting point-counterpoint for the radio.

Until then…same old sign off…KMA

‘I Felt Defiled Just in His [Chuck Geshlider’s] Presence.’

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“I felt defiled just in his [Chuck Geshlider’s] presence.”
— Christine Bottles, Virginia resident

“…But i felt uneasy every time he was around me.”